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カトリック関口教会 助任司祭:ラニエル・バディラ・ベルドス





空に昇ることはあまりにも素晴らしくお金で買うことはできません。飛行機が毎時500Kmのスピードで6万Km の上空を飛行するにはバランスを維持するために恐らく電波と同じくらいのスピードが必要でしょう。





Ascending up in the Sky

How can an object fly like that? I asked. When I was small, I was always amazed on things that ascend up into the sky.

From  air-balloons and kites,  airplanes and helicopters, small birds and eagles, clouds, the sun, the moon, they all always caught me in awe.  “How can an object fly and defy gravity?” I thought. Amidst of this, I realized later I started playing kite with my two friends who boasted their skills in making a kite for me. Unfortunately, I ended up fixing my own kite.

On the next day I was in bliss playing that kite.  Playing it daily made me want to fly and soar too.  The kite is small and light, while I, fat and clumsy. Nonetheless, we have one language- to reach the unreachable.

I noticed when the wind touched the kite it somehow danced together with it. They, the kite and the wind, seemed to be old friends. Similarly, I wanted to fly like the kite; I wanted to dance with the wind. I wanted to have a friend like the wind who can embrace me up in the air and allow me to see the earth’s view from above.

To ascend up in the sky is a priceless endeavor that money cannot pay. It takes for an airplane 40000 miles up in the air with 500 kilometer per hour speed as fast as the radioactive waves perhaps in order to maintain its balance up in the air.

To ascend up in the sky, one does not only enjoy what is seen and experience up in the air, but also enjoy what is seen from below, the view from the ground, the business scene of earthly humans, the interaction of all living things on earth.

I realize that the higher you soar the smaller you become to the people on earth. The higher you ascend the farther the relationship you and the human beings on earth will be. And this brings me back to the ascension of Jesus.

Jesus too ascended in heaven and his ascension taught us one thing; that he is a God above the phenomenon of the earth. Defying gravity, he could walk in the water, same way that he could ascend up into heaven and seated at the right hand of the Father. His ascension is a glimpse that all of us would also ascend and fly like the kite I played with into the heaven. My congregation founder, Scalabrini, once said Jesus ascension suggests that our true homeland is not on earth but on heaven. We all journey towards heaven; we all fly towards it.


 Father Pal