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カトリック関口教会 助任司祭:ラニエル・バディラ・ベルドス











I heard a story about three guys who are close friends. But unfortunately they met a car accident, which ended their lives abruptly. They went to heaven directly hoping to have a free ticket to enter the elusive gate. Then, they arrived and were asked to attend the heaven orientation. They were thought what should be done and not to be done if they were accepted to get inside.

The assistant of St. Peter asked all of them, “When you are in your casket and friends and family are mourning on you, what would you like say them about you?

The first guy, valiantly replied, “I would love to hear them say that I was a well-renowned doctor of all time and a model family man.”

The second guy reiterated, “I would like to hear them say I was a wonderful husband and effective school teacher which sowed great future for the youth of today.”

The last guy commented, “I would like to hear nothing except they say, “Look! His body is moving!”

This story ended up perhaps comically but the message it renders still rings true to us today. When we die, we are remembered not on how many awards we have, acquired but on how much we have loved and good relations we have acquired . Not really on what we have said nor have done to other person, but on how we made the other person feel at that moment.


 Fr. Raniel Berdos, CS